Terms & Conditions:

Version: 1.0

Updated on: 10-SEP-2020

General Terms and Conditions of FeedMyEv,

  1. At FeedMyEv you can charge your car as a registered customer, but also without registering. The following conditions shall apply only if you register with FeedMyEv and every time you purchase a charging session as a registered FeedMyEv customer. The advantage of being a registered customer is that we can offer you a better customer experience. It is easier for us to help you if there is a problem with a charging session and we can keep you informed of information that is relevant to you, such as the opening of new charging stations or in case charging stations are temporarily unavailable.

  2. When you register, you enter into a contract for an indefinite period with FeedMyEv. We consider each charging session a purchase agreement within this continuing performance contract. 
  1. FeedMyEv may unilaterally amend these conditions but shall always notify you of material changes so you may cease your registration if you disagree with the amendments. If you continue to use your FeedMyEv account, we shall assume that you are in agreement with the amendments. 
  1. In order to use your FeedMyEv account, you need to register with FeedMyEv. Registration with FeedMyEv is free of charge. Your login details are personal and confidential. 
  1. Upon registration, FeedMyEv asks you for some personal data. We shall only use these data to provide you with the best possible service and shall never share this data with third parties for commercial purposes. Our privacy statement tells you exactly how we use your personal data. 
  1. FeedMyEv shall always do its utmost to supply electricity for charging your electric car without any interruptions or failures. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a successful and/or faultless supply of electricity. Situations may arise in which charging is not possible or where charging sessions may be interrupted due to a technical problem, a (general) power failure, cases of force or otherwise. FeedMyEv shall not provide compensation for damages if circumstances do not allow the supply of electricity (or in case supply is affected by interruptions or failures). 
  1. A FeedMyEv account is personal. Third parties are not supposed to use your personal account. It is also prohibited to create an account in the name of another person or to provide false data.

This Terms of Use was last updated on 10 September 2020.